Social Health Networks

Condition Social Networking

Our Solution: Social Networking for Specific Health Conditions

Alliance Health provides a unique online health platform that allows consumers and marketers to connect in compelling new ways.

For consumers, Alliance Health provides disease-specific social networks, equipped with a variety of product features that allow users to explore a health or wellness topic on their own terms. Network members can:

These social networks give members different ways to connect with each other, learn about their disease and share their thoughts and feelings. The resulting support and camaraderie helps create a better life for community members living with chronic illness. Ultimately, more consumers are armed with support and relevant information to yield better outcomes. Healthy outcomes that are achieved through sustainable cost models.

Learn From Experts

Alliance Health leverages the knowledgeable and credible voices of leading patient advocates and healthcare provider experts with whom consumers can discuss personal challenges and gain insights and support. Advocate backgrounds range from long time expert patients, caregivers of a afflicted condition, newly diagnosed individuals, and specialized counselors.

Network Effects

In creating a highly relevant context in which consumers, caregivers and market participants can connect and share, Alliance Health believes that its social health networks will unlock more consumer-friendly services and efficiencies.